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Master Class Power Platform development in 5 Days

The trainer is Serge Luca aka "Doctor Flow"
Business Applications MVP - 17x MVP

Audience :  Business, IT pro, developers
Consider participating in this workshop to acquire the skills for building Power Apps Canvas, Model Driven, Power Automate, Dataverse, AI, and Mobile apps within a comprehensive week. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on exercises alongside the instructor to enhance learning effectiveness. By the end of this course, you’ll possess tangible, practical abilities. You’ll be guided through the creation of an intricate application, constructed incrementally from the ground up.
This training is also a good preparation for the PL -900 Power Platform certification.

Course outline

Introduction to the Power Platform

  • Pillars of the Power Platform

  • Why use a low-code platform

  • Environments

  • Solutions

  • DLP

  • Licensing

  • Dataverse


Building Power Apps applications

  • Power fx

  • Core Power fx functions

  • Delegation

  •  Power Apps canvas applications

    • Main components of a Power Apps application​

  • Exercises : 

    • Create a Dataverse database​

    • Create a Power Apps canvas application from A to Z

    • Create reusable components

    • Extend the application with Low code plug-ins

  • Power Apps Model Driven Apps applications

  • Exercises : 

    • Create a Power Apps Model Driven application from A to Z

  • Power Apps integration with SharePoint​

  • Lab:

    • Extend & replace a SharePoint form with Power Apps​

  • Create responsive design Power Apps applications


  • Type of tables (standard, elastic)

  • Dataverse security model

  • Dataverse security roles

  • Low code plug-ins

  • Exercises : 

    • secure your tables​

    • extend the application logic by creating low code plug-ins

Application security

  • Share your application with the correct audience

  • Security groups, business units, teams

  • Security roles

Introduction to JSON

  • What is JSON

  • Syntax

  • Arrays

  • Types

Building Power Automate flows

  • Versions of Power Automate

  • Power Automate (DPA)

    • types of cloud flows​

    • Power Automate designer

  • Exercises:​

    • 8 exercises​

  • Power Automate desktop

    • overview​

    • Demos

Building Dataflows

  • Introduction to Dataflows

  • Exercise:

    • Building a Dataflow​

Power Platform ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)

  • Test before deploying

  • Overview of options

  • Solutions

  • Import-export solutions

  • Power Platform pipelines

    • Centralized​

    • Personal

  • Azure DevOps Build tools

  • Exercise:

    • Deploy your solution manually​

    • Automate the deployment with a pipeline

Create Power Pages sites

  • What is Power Pages

  • Power Page architecture

  • sites, lists, forms, dashboards, styling

  • Templates

  • Configuration

  • customize and extend

  • Exercise:

    • Create a Power Page site​

    • customize the site

    • Integrate database operations (forms, lists, CRUD activities)

Use AI in your application

  • Explore Copilot Studio

  • Describe the components of Copilot Studio

  • AI capabilities

  • Generative AI & generative answer

  • Dynamic actions

  • Exercise:

    • Create a basic copilot

  • Introduction to AI Builder

  • Lifecycle of an AI Builder model

  • Exercise:

    • Create a basic copilot

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