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Master Class Power Apps in 3 Days

By Serge Luca aka "Doctor Flow"
Office 365 MVP + Business Applications MVP
Creator of the Power Platform BPM Toolkit
sergeluca/Power-Platform-BPM-Toolkit: Power Platform BPM Toolkit (
Audience :  Business, IT pro, developers
You should attend this workshop if you want to learn how to create Power Apps Canvas, Model Driven and Mobile apps in one day. The course is mostly based on interactive exercises with the trainer in order to make it more efficient. You will leave this course with real practical skills

4000 € - up to 15 attendees

(plus travel and accommodation cost for the trainer)

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Power Apps

  • What is PowerApps?

  • Power Apps components

  • Related technologies

  • Licensing and pricing conditions

  • PowerApp connections

  • App samples and templates


Building Power Apps apps

  • Introduction to Power Apps Studio

  • Creating apps from templates

  • Creating apps from scratch

  • Screens and Pages

  • Screen components: Forms, DataCards, Controls, …

  • Handling bindings

  • Versioning, publishing and sharing apps

  • App usage analytics

Power Apps advanced features

  • Using functions, signals, enumerations and named operators

  • Using rules to trigger based on conditions

  • Understanding and applying data source delegation

Power Apps integration with SharePoint online

  • Creating web parts

  • Creating apps based on SharePoint online

  • C-communicating with Power Automate flows

  • Limitations

Power Apps integration with Teams

  • Creating a Teams application from scratch

  • Migrating a SharePoint canvas application to dataverse for Teams

Power Apps integration with Dataverse

  • What is the Microsoft DataVerse

  • Managing table

  • Working with structured metadata

  • Importing and exporting data

  • Excel integration for CDM

  • Managing security

  • Building Apps with CDM

Overview of Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)

Using Power Apps for on premises data

  • What are gateways?

  • Set up a gateway for on-premises connections

Power Apps Admin Center

  • Managing connections

  • Managing environments and security

  • Managing data policies

  • Migrating PowerApps apps and resources

Power Apps for mobile

  • Capabilities of PowerApps App for IOS, Android 

3 tiers architecture and Power Apps

Introduction to Model-driven apps​​

Introduction to Power Apps Portal

Power Apps tools & utilities

Application Lifecycle Management​​


Overview of the Power Platform BPM Toolkit

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