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Master Class PowerApps in a day

By Serge Luca aka "Doctor Flow"
Office 365 MVP + Flow MVP

1.600€ - up to 15 attendees

(plus travel and accommodation cost for the trainer)

Introduction to Power Apps

  • What is PowerApps?

  • PowerApps components

  • Related technologies

  • Licensing and pricing conditions

  • PowerApp connections

  • App samples and templates


Building PowerApps apps

  • Introduction to PowerApps Studio

  • Creating apps from templates

  • Creating apps from scratch

  • Screens and Pages

  • Screen components: Forms, DataCards, Controls, …

  • Handling bindings

  • Versioning, publishing and sharing apps

  • App usage analytics

PowerApps advanced features

  • Using functions, signals, enumerations and named operators

  • Using rules to trigger based on conditions

  • Understanding and applying data source delegation

The Microsoft Common Data Model

  • What is the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM)

  • Managing entities

  • Working with structured metadata

  • Importing and exporting data

  • Excel integration for CDM

  • Managing security

  • Building Apps with CDM

Using PowerApps for on premises data

  • What are gateways?

  • Set up a gateway for on premises connections

PowerApps Admin Center

  • Managing connections

  • Managing environments and security

  • Managing data policies

  • Migrating PowerApps apps and resources

PowerApps for mobile

  • Capabilities of PowerApps App for IOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile


Introduction to Model driven apps​​