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Master Class Power Automate in 2 Days

By Serge Luca aka "Doctor Flow"
Office 365 MVP + Business Applications MVP
Creator of the Power Platform BPM Toolkit
sergeluca/Power-Platform-BPM-Toolkit: Power Platform BPM Toolkit (
Audience : IT pros, business, developers 
You should attend this workshop if you want to learn how to create Flows and UI Flows in a day without wasting a single minute with PowerPoint slides. The course is mostly based on interactive exercises with the trainer in order to make it more efficient. You will leave this workshop with real practical skills

3.000€ - up to 15 attendees

(plus travel and accommodation cost for the trainer)

Topics covered

  • Create your first flow : building a time tracking Flow    

  • Interacting with your Flow on your mobile

  • Approvals    

  • Flow Notifications and Conditions     

  • Flow control, variables, expressions    

  • More advanced approvals

  • Task overdue     

  • Document generation with the Word Connector     

  • Interaction between Flow and Power Apps     

  • Creating a Business Process Flow     

  • Call an external API from Flow with the HTTP action    

  • Create a Flow/Power Apps Custom Connector    

  • Calling the Microsoft Graph     

  • Calling the SharePoint API from Flow    

  • (Advanced) Implementing the Flow controller pattern

  • Flow limitations

  • Interactions between Power Automate and Power BI

  • Improve your flow performance    

  • Power Automate Application Lifecycle management

  • Secure your Power Automate Applications

  • Integration with MS Teams

  • Tips and tricks

  • Using Power Automate as the back-end (3 tier architecture)

  • Overview of the Power Platform BPM Toolkit

  • Introduction to Robotic process Automation (RPA)

  • Using Power Automate desktop

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