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Master the Power Platform BPM Toolkit

Serge Luca aka "Doctor Flow"
Office 365 MVP and Business Applications MVP
Developers or IT pro

Topics Covered:

Overview of the Power Platform BPM Toolkit

  • Overview what is the BPM Toolkit?

  • Why/when do you need it

  • Demonstration

  • BPM Toolkit architecture

  • BPM Toolkit compliance

  • Impact of using the BPM Toolkit in your organisation

Installing the Power Platform BPM Toolkit

  • Lab

Configuring the BPM Toolkit

  • Lab : defining roles

  • Lab: defining person in roles

  • Lab: defining security groups

Create apps/forms compatible with the BPM Toolkit

  • Lab : define a workflow

  • Lab : create a Power Apps application that submits information to the BPM Toolkit workflow

  • Lab: extend the workflow

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