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Power Platform Governance in a Day

Serge Luca aka "Doctor Flow"
Office 365 MVP and Business Applications MVP
Developers or IT pro

Topics Covered:


  • Administration Overview

  • What is the Power Platform

  • Why the Power Platform

  • Typical Admin concerns

  • Who are we talking about

  • Govern

  • Govern and grow


Secure the Platform

  • Product discovery: understand the origin of apps & flows

  • Know your environments

  • Learn the layers of security + the one that matters most

  • Setup data loss prevention policies

Monitor the Platform

  • Review out-of-box analytics

  • Configure audit logs

  • Leverage management connectors & PowerShell as powerful reporting tools

Alert & Action

  • Leverage management connectors & PowerShell to automate your policies

  • Welcome new makers and foster best practices

  • Identify and empower champions


  • Understand managed vs unmanaged solutions

  • Learn the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset and best practices

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